4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol

Eliminate Stubborn Toxic Fat and Reset Your Metabolism the HEALTHY WAY!

Learn how different foods affect your body and be empowered to take control of your health and body for the rest of your life

Benefits of 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol:

  • The security of always knowing what to eat and what not to eat
  • Healthy, rapid and permanent weight loss
  • Increased energy and wellbeing
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased confidence
  • Experienced Changing Habits team to guide and support you throughout the Protocol

Change your life and body now!

Cyndi O'Meara Before
Cyndi O'Meara After

"I am so grateful to have found Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. To say it has changed my life would be an understatement. All of the numerous health problems I suffered have vanished, I am pregnant with the child I thought we would never conceive naturally, I am down 40kgs and I have learnt so much about different foods and the way they effect my body. My new way of life has now had a ripple effect on my whole family and it makes me so very proud to see my husband and children making the choices they do to nourish and heal their bodies. Thank you Changing Habits for arming me with the steps and knowledge I needed to create a new healthy life for me and my family."
- Mel Kent, Changing Habits Healthy Living Club Online Coach

The Protocol

The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol was conceived and developed around the principles of fat storage and fat metabolism. The Protocol uses your body's natural hormone known as hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and real food to isolate and rid the cells of toxic, stubborn fat and reset your system to support you on your path to optimum health and vitality.

The Protocol also educates on the different types of fat that are used by the body, how and why it is stored and then how to safely and quickly eliminate it, restoring you to your natural weight..


How it works

Using the principles of fat storage and fat metabolism, the Protocol uses real food with hCG support drops to reduce the body's abnormal fat reserves (hips, thighs, tummy, cellulite etc) whilst maintaining its structural and reserve fats (the fat in your cheeks, heel pads and around your organs, and the fat that is converted to energy to maintain hormonal balance and mental clarity).

Not only does it help you with any stubborn stored fat, it will also change your body's reaction to Leptin - the master hormone for appetite, fat deposits, sugar cravings, fertility and metabolism. It is also a protocol to teach you what foods are causing inflammatory processes, which over a period of time, can cause an array of diseases that slowly creep up and cause years of ill health.

What to expect

The Protocol has been divided into different sections to ensure that you have all the information you need to get the best results, are constantly supported and also limit ‘information overload’. Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed and get stuck, so what you will receive to begin with is the ‘practical diet’. This will include the instructions for each Phase with food lists, tracking resources and more.

While you are completing the practical side of the Protocol, you will also receive a variety of information to explain what is happening in your body so that you understand the changes you are experiencing and how this effects your food changes, thoughts, and energy. This is important information that you need to read to have the most success on the Protocol!

Throughout each Phase, the Changing Habits team will be on-hand to guide and support you as you educate yourself about the foods that work and don’t work, the right amount of fuel you need for your body and how to create a daily routine that is the foundation of your new self.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT about this Protocol is that it is educational - not only for the mind but also for your body – and that is where the magic happens. Throughout the process of the Protocol, your body will change its biochemistry as a result of the foods you are eating and with this your taste buds, cravings, satiety, wants, needs and love for different foods will change too.



The 4 Phases

The length of your 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is completely up to you and should be designed based on the amount of weight you need to lose in each round.

The first 3 phases must last from a minimum of 18 days to a maximum of 48 days. Keeping this in mind, Cyndi always recommends a goal of 26 days for the first 3 phases on your first round and based on your energy, mood and results, you can then stretch it out to the maximum 48 day regime.

Note:  it is also important to remember that the length of Phase 1 and 3 never vary - it is only the time you spend in Phase 2 that will increase.

PHASE 1 - Days 1 & 2

Eat as much as you want, focusing on adding good quality fat such as cream, butter, eggs, coconut oil, nuts, high fat meat and fish etc. This is so much fun!

PHASE 2 & 3 - Days 3 to 24

Eat fruit, salad, vegetable and meat (there is a vegetarian version) but in specific quantities. This is where you will begin to lose approximately 300gms on average a day - we've seen people lose 2 kg in 24 hours. The stored fat that is being released per day equals approximately 2500 calories of fat and nutrients that your body will use for energy and health. It is important to drink a lot of water to flush the fat cells.

PHASE 4 - Days 25 to 35

This is where you stop counting calories and you start adding foods to your diet again. This is where you will learn your greatest knowledge about the foods that make you healthy and the foods that cause inflammation and sickness. This is a very important phase that educates for a lifetime health and maintenance of weight. Done properly, this will help you forever maintain a perfect weight and an increase in energy and health.

Is this Protocol for me?

The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is for people who have been doing the hard yards with their health, have changed their diet from a SAD (Standard Australian/American Diet) to a diet free from additives, flavourings and modified packaged foods and wanting to lose at least 5kg or more.

This is not an easy Protocol; it takes time, organisation and discipline, but if you are wanting to take your health to a level you didn’t know existed, then this Protocol will do it.

Please note we do NOT recommend this protocol for anyone who is breast feeding or pregnant! If you have an existing or previous eating disorder and/or digestive (gut) issues, we recommend that you contact our Nutritionists before commencing the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol - enquiries@changinghabits.com.au or call 07 5493 7135.

Where to Start

If you are unsure if the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is suitable for you, we can assist you with Where to Start on your health journey.

Take a few moments to read our Where to Start page which includes Cyndi's short video explaining Changing Habits and ‘Where to Start’, plus helpful information links and an overview of our other protocols - 21 Step Reset and Hunter Gatherer.

Any queries regarding medications, diabetes and others please refer to the FAQs section.

Support during the Protocol
– everything you need to succeed is included!

  • Experienced Changing Habits team to guide and support you throughout the Protocol
  • How different foods affect your hormonal balance and create fat
  • What nutritional support, minerals and vitamins your body needs to shed fat and toxins
  • Pre-start and quick overview information e-books
  • Tracking calendar and daily progress charts
  • Shopping lists for essential foods, recipes and suggested day plan
  • Hints and tips for long-term change
  • Regular emails including motivational videos and support, recipes and bonuses
  • Personal online support with Mel Kent, Changing Habits Healthy Living Club Coach
  • Membership to the Healthy Living Club - receive informative health articles, product releases, interactive discussions, recipes, healthy tips and coaching, as well as 20% off selected Changing Habits products

What do I receive once I purchase the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol?

4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol - Starter Pack

"For me, the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol has been more than a weight loss tool; it has taken me on an amazing journey of self discovery which has enabled me to unravel the protective layers in which I had accumulated over the years."


4 Phase Fat Elimination ProtocolComplete Pack

4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol - Complete Pack
Suitable for individuals who do not currently have Changing Habits real foods

You will receive:
  • 4 Phase Fat Elimination Support Drops and Success Guide E-Book
  • Electronic PDF Program and workbook to download
  • Ongoing personal support through email and videos from the Changing Habits Team
  • Meditation download
  • Complete Nutritional Support Pack:
  • Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
  • Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals
  • Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend
  • Changing Habits Probiotics
  • Changing Habits Camu Camu
  • Multiple surprise bonuses
  • Membership to the Healthy Living Club - receive informative health articles, product releases, interactive discussions, recipes, healthy tips and online coaching

Valued at $425.37

$278.00  Inc. Shipping AU

4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol Starter Pack

4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol - Starter Pack

Suitable for individuals who have been following Changing Habits and may already have Changing Habits real foods

You will receive:

  • 4 Phase Fat Elimination Support Drops and Success Guide E-Book
  • Electronic PDF Program and workbook to download
  • Ongoing personal support through email and videos from the Changing Habits Team
  • Multiple surprise bonuses
  • Membership to the Healthy Living Club - receive informative health articles, product releases, interactive discussions, recipes, healthy tips and coaching

Valued at $220.50

$129.00  Inc. Shipping AU
This product is unavailable or out of stock.

"Together we are about to embark on a new path that will work towards creating unconscious habits that simply become 'what you do'. We will do this by taking one step a day towards a new version of your healthier self."

- Cyndi O'Meara, Nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits

We did it! You can too!

"Hi Cyndi, Just thought I'd give you an update on our office staff and how they and I are doing with the 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol.

Carol our GM has lost 21 pounds and looks like a different person than the one we hired a year ago!

Jane one of our demonstrators has lost 49 pounds and is a size 16 for the first time in her life since she was 8 years old. She plans to do another round after Christmas.

Jen in customer service lost 10 pounds then gave up too soon but still looks much better than before she did her 10 days of the protocol amazingly. She is planning to do it again but properly this time.

And me... I have lost 12 pounds and one full dress size and a lot of my podgy tummy - I cheated in tiny ways several times, but have worked out that I should do it properly again after Christmas to get to the weight I would like to be at, i.e. about 14 less pounds than I am now. But the amazing thing for me is that I feel so much brighter, so much better in my body and I look much better... the fat has moved into the proper places. And John is happy!!!"

- Izzy (UK)

Donna Before
Donna After

"For me, the 4 Phase Protocol has been more than a weight loss tool; it has taken me on an amazing journey of self discovery which has enabled me to unravel the protective layers in which I had accumulated over the years.

Prior to discovering the 4 Phase Protocol, my physical and emotional well being was hanging by a thread. I was the heaviest I'd ever been, hungrier than I should have been and I was becoming more detached from life and only moved within my small circle of safety. Losing my brother to suicide in December 2011 was a monumental moment for me; I saw us as paralleled, except he just had greater courage than I. In a sense, I too had committed suicide, except mine meant... I still had to exist in the living world. That was my moment of change, the process began.

Physically, I was tired, my body ached and I suffered with frequent headaches. My hip and groin pain interrupted my ability to sleep and I obtained a referral to have a cortisone injection to ease the burden.

My hands were often puffy and my fingers were often numb or had the sensation of pins and needles. I was simply sick and tired of being sick and tired... a walking time bomb ready to go off.

Today the dynamics are amazing! The 4 Phase Protocol is a process that works, it has been a true education; it was challenging and also very empowering. Trusting our body's innate intelligence over the educated mind is crucial to fully succeed. The self worth and power of belief simply evolve throughout the journey as each corner is turned and each layer is revealed. Quite simply, my life has been gifted back to me; I now have a better understanding about what foods attribute to inflammation within my body. The pinnacle achievement was having my leptin sensitivity regained which in turn has enabled me to maintain my 31kgs loss. I have never had so much energy, I am pain free and the continued healing within my body is evident with each new day. I am confident that I and my family are moving forward with greater health and wellbeing in the future and that's exciting."

- Donna T (NSW)

Lenore Before
Lenore After

"Hi Cyndi, just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with The Protocol. I have banished 30kgs I dared not dream of ever being this slim. I feel amazing so energised positive and empowered. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom. Much love and gratitude!"

- Lenore

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is in the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Support Drops?

The homeopathic Support Drops formula is non steroidal and remains closed and of private dominion. However, dissected molecular components are used along with several vibrational remedy techniques in a sequential combination to establish the link with appropriate messaging frequencies. It is a complex process and the methodology will not be revealed nor the harmonics in the homaccord. Other ingredients include: l-carnitine, ornithine and arginine.

Can I do the Protocol with just the Drops?

No, you will need to purchase either the starter pack (drops + information) or the complete package which is what we recommend to those who have never done the protocol before (drops + Information + recommended supplements). 

Do I have to purchase 2 complete packs if my partner/friend ?

Yes you can, although to save on costs you could just purchase 1x complete pack + an extra bottle of drops as you can share the recommended supplements but you will each need your own bottle of drops. 

When should I start the Protocol?

With the exception of menstruating women, you can start your 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol whenever you want. Before starting it is important to read the tips and hints sections and to go shopping so that you are prepared mentally and physically. I would also suggest you have a buddy or share with your family what you are doing so you have support throughout the Protocol.

Menstruating women: for women who still menstruate regularly, it is best to start the Protocol the day after your period ends. If this is not possible it is ok to start at other times of the month as long as you are at least 10 days out from having your period. The important thing is to not have your period fall during Phase 1 or Phase 3, so plan accordingly!

*During menstruation NO drops are to be taken. Simply continue the diet without the support drops and resume taking the drops again as soon as your period is over. Also, note that weight loss may slow during your period.

I am pregnant, can I do the Protocol?

No, you naturally have HCG production through pregnancy.

I am breast feeding, can I do this Protocol?

No, it is best to wait until you are finished breastfeeding. However, we recommend either our 21 Step Reset Program if you are quite new to Changing Habits or our Hunter Gatherer Protocol if you have been following us for some time.

I am on various medications, can I do the Protocol?

The drops are homeopathic and they are not known to interfere with any medications. The foods are REAL foods and thus there is nothing within this protocol to cause any concerns.

I am diabetic, can I do the Protocol?

Yes, however if you are a diabetic I suggest you monitor your blood glucose very carefully, you will probably need to reduce your insulin, but be vigilant with blood glucose levels and alter as needed. I also suggest that you eat a protein in the morning, such as an egg and three egg whites cooked in an omelette or a piece of meat, chicken or fish 100gms only. We also strongly advise that you purchase the complete pack with the supreme green blend, colloidal minerals and probiotics as this will give you extra energy.

I am vegetarian, can I do the Protocol?

Yes you can but please be aware that your choices of foods will be limited. You will need to replace some of the proteins/meats with eggs, cottage cheese, protein powder (Inca Inchi) and tofu. 

I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy, can I do the Protocol?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to do whilst on HRT.

I am on medication for a Thyroid Condition and in the original Dr Simeon's program he has a medication warning - can I do this Protocol?

Yes you can do this program. With the use of homeopathics not the drug therefore the thyroid medication warning in Dr Simeons book does not follow with how we do it. We added Dr Simeons work so you knew where this protocol came from but a lot has progressed since the 1950's. He used the actual drug. The homeopathics have no known drug interactions. Having said that I notice that some people who do have thyroid problems do struggle somewhat on this protocol, although others have great results. The leptin reset is amazing and that in turn helps your thyroid, although you may have some damage that cannot be repaired due to what you have been through

I am trying to lose weight and increase fertility - is the Protocol ok for women trying for children?

Yes, It will enhance health therefore increase chances. Make sure you start the protocol after your period.

I was wondering if the eating plan for the Protocol allows for gluten free and minimal dairy diet? Also what are the main foods required, as I live in a regional area and am not sure I will be able to access some food?

Whilst on the core and transition phase there is no dairy or gluten. It is all about fresh lean meat and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. You purchase produce that is local and in season, nothing complicated.

I don't have a great deal of weight to lose, is this Protocol suitable?

The whole 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is all about losing fat from fat cells in order to create health and wellbeing and harmony within the body with regards to hormones and all connected with it. The fat cells collectively act as an endocrine organ disrupting other processes in the body. A master hormone called Leptin controls the fine line that should be maintained between food in and food used and food stored. If you have very little fat and you have no weight to lose, do not do the protocol. Most people have too much fat surrounding their body in stored areas, this releases copious amounts of Leptin which in turn causes Leptin resistance and then everything goes hay wire. The more fat you have the more leptin in your blood the more resistance. Instead, if you want to to do something that is cleansing to the the body we suggest our Hunter Gatherer Protocol.

My work has a zero tolerance level of alcohol, and urine readings need to read 0. Can I take the 4 Phase Fat Elimination drops?

Our supplier has told us that there is such a small amount of ethanol and that the liver metabolises it so quickly it shows no affect. However, if you have concerns, put the drops onto a spoon, light a candle under the spoon (about 6 inches from the spoon) for a minute or two, and this will cause the ethanol to evaporate. If you are in a hot climate, then you can even let the drops sit on the spoon for approximately 2 minutes and the ethanol will evaporate this way.

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